When you get home and open the door, do you ever think about what the temperature of the house is gonna be? If the temperature is not what you were expecting, there isn’t any air movement or the temperature in the house is worse than it is outside, do you feel sort of in a panic? I know that I have been there and well a lot of my customers have been there too. It’s worse when it happens in the middle of the night or before family and friends come over. Most people don’t pay attention to their heating and cooling system unless something goes wrong (i.e. no heat, no cool or both), but I am telling you that you really should and need to start paying attention.

               The reason you need to be taking a closer look at your heating and cooling system is because it all involves the air you breathe (I’ll expand in more detail what all is in the air you breathe, in a few weeks). Though for right now, you should already know that what you what you breathe in can greatly affect your health. Your heating and cooling system all has to do with air. It can make the air in your home hot or cold and it can be the reason your family stays healthy or continues to get sick. The hvac system is a big contributor as to what all goes and doesn’t go into the air of your home.

               Another reason that your heating and cooling system is important is that it keeps you and your family happy and comfortable. It’s been proven that the temperature in a building can greatly affect the mood of everyone inside. Who wants to spend the evening with icicles forming on their toes or sweltering in heat 30 degrees more than it is outside? When everyone is miserable it makes for an awful time, and no one wants to feel uncomfortable.

               If you just give your heating and cooling system a little of your time once a month to look over everything make sure the filter is changed out, there is no debris on your outside unit and there is no soot or dust in your furnace. It will make a world of difference on your system, help make the air in your home safe to breathe and keep your family happy and comfortable.

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