System Up Keep…

Ok so how many of you honestly check and do regular up keep on your system? Now when I say up keep, I mean check your filters, check the inside of your furnace for any dirt and check your air conditioner for any debris stuck to it? Well did you know that if you don’t check these things on a regular basis, you run the risk of having a lot of problems in the near future? I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve had customers call saying that they’ve “checked” everything and as soon as I got there I check the filter and it’s totally plugged and obviously hasn’t been changed in several months. Now I’m not saying that your problems with your heating or cooling is always gonna be the filter, but a dirty filter can greatly affect how well your furnace or air conditioner will work during the seasons.

Let’s first talk about the furnace. A dirty furnace can cause you a lot of problems. When a furnace becomes dirty it slows down the furnace’s performance and causes the coil above your furnace to become plugged up. If this is allowed to continue without getting properly cleaned out this can cause cracks in your heat exchanger to form. Now cracks can and will happen to your furnace just because it is old, has been used quite a lot over the years and well because nothing can last for forever. But if you keep a dirty furnace that is only going to quicken the process of it breaking down and costing you a lot of money to install a new one.

The same principle goes for your air conditioner, you need to be checking the air conditioner every month for any debris that can become stuck the in outer fins and cause it to become clogged. Here in Kansas there are a lot of us who have to worry about all the Cottonwood trees when they are in bloom during the Summer. That cotton can easily get caught in your system and if ignore, just like your furnace, it will eventually break down and will have to be replaced. Another tip you may not know to protect your air conditioner is to make sure that any pets DO NOT use the system as a place to mark their territory. I have and do own a couple of dogs myself and I’ve had to train them to not go over to my air conditioner and use it as their own private bathroom. The reason you shouldn’t let your pets do this is because your pet’s urine will act as an acid on the air conditioner and literally eat and deteriorate it. So for the sake of your wallet, don’t let your pets use your cooling system as a bathroom.

Now it comes to your filters, I said this I don’t know how many times or to how many customers, but I will say it a thousand more…ALWAYS check and change your filters REGULARLY. And when I say regularly I mean like every month you need to get that filter out and make sure that it is either still clean and could last you another month or change it immediately because it’s so dirty and fuzzy looking that it looks like a cat or some furry animal crawled into it and flattened itself out. A dirty filter can affect your heating and cooling system so badly if it is not changed out, it causes the air flow to be restricted, will cause your coil to become plugged up with all kinds of junk and make the system over compensate, which causes it to break down really fast.

So please check your system on a regular monthly basis and also remember to have the furnace and air conditioning professionally serviced once a year to ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and ready to last you though the season.

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