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What is a capacitor?

Essentially a capacitor is a battery. It regulates voltage amp and keeps them in check so to speak. Imagine a heartbeat monitor, you see on the monitor the wavy line that is your heartbeat. Electricity is exactly like that and a capacitor puts a line or bar above and below so that the amps cannot go beyond a certain point. This prevents the voltage from putting excess strain on all the electrical parts in your AC. You may also have them in your furnace for your blower motor.
Capacitors are filled with mineral oil and like any other sealed liquid once heated, it turns to gas and the gas expands. This causes a “pop can” effect and weakens your capacitor which can cause a unit not to perform properly or not at all. With most manufacturers only putting a 1 year warranty on capacitors, you can see why it is important to have them checked every year to ensure optimal performance, preventing breakdowns of your ac unit.
Why only a year you may be asking yourself? Well here in Kansas especially, we have crazy weather. It could be 30 in the morning and 100 in the afternoon. With weather like that, this type of part can not keep up with the harshness. Yes, us Kansans are used to it but the US average temperature (for 2017) is 54.54° Fahrenheit, so you can see how 110° or -5 could be harsh (
Another cause of failure is over amping. Over amping can be caused by a multitude of things, but in most cases a unit is plugged up from dirt and debris. This causes a lot of strain on your compressor and that in turn will over amp the capacitor and unit. Running an air conditioner with a weak capacitor also causes premature failures and loss of parts such as fan motors and compressors. Most manufacturers tell you compressors are bulletproof. A compressor failure indicates a serious issue or a prolonged period of strain on the compressor. It’s also imperative to have the right size capacitor that and meets the manufacturer specifications.

Indoor Air Quality


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the air you breathe inside your home could be up to five times more polluted than the air outside your home*. It is because of these statistics, we stress the need to address indoor air quality issues. We offer several products to help achieve complete comfort in your home, while cleaning the air you breathe.



Dangers of a Dirty System & How to Keep Your Family Healthy…

               So I’ve talked to you about how you can personally check your system to prevent it from getting dirty and ruining your system. But what I’m going to do today is go into some bigger details. Now some of these details can and will disturb you, but the reason that I am going to mention these to you is so that you are aware of what is really living and crawling in your house. I’m going to address what are the bad side effects that you and your family can personally suffer from when you system is ignored and what are the ways that you can prevent this, while keeping your family happy and healthy.

                I’m going to first address the filters, now I know that I’ve talked already about how important they are and why you need to check them on a regular basis, but what I haven’t address is what are the bad side effects when you don’t check your filter and just let it sit in your system for months on end. What a filter does is obviously a no brainer, it filters things out of the air and helps keep the air in your home clean, and when it’s dirty the filter can no longer filter anything out. Well what you might not know is what happens to your air and your system when your filter is dirty and stays dirty.

                When a filter is not changed out and left in your system for months, not enough air (or in some cases no air) is able to pass through into the system and through your vents. When there isn’t enough or no air passing through, this causes the system to start to kick it into overtime to try and compensate for the loss of air that is needed to run properly. This leads to your system breaking down WAY faster than what is the intended time (i.e. 10-15 years).  

                Some of the damage that is caused by unchanged filters is a cracked heat exchanger. Now folks cracked heat exchangers are a very bad and dangerous thing. As your heat exchanger gets old and worn down cracks will begin to form; now this is just part of the normal wear and tear anything goes through when being used because nothing is perfect or lasts for forever, but for a furnace to form cracks when only been in use for a few years or less is not normal.  When there is a crack in your heat exchanger you need to be aware that this crack is in no way to be ignored. A crack in the heat exchanger is a sign that there is carbon monoxide leaking into the air you are breathing in your home. This gas is odorless and can lead to some very bad illnesses or in some cases death.

                Another problem that arises from not changing your filter is dust mites, bacteria and allergies. I don’t know if any of you have ever researched what dust mites look like and what they do, but needless to say they are a very gross little creature. They feed off of flakes of human and animal skin and dander, the dust that we see collected on shelves or wherever is actually their feces and they can live up to a month in your home. Besides those little problems, there is also the air born bacteria that linger in the home and form from having a dirty filter. This bacteria can be part of the reason that your family gets sick so often or stays sick a lot longer than others. It can also be the reason your family suffers from allergies when they are at home, the pollen or fungi from the outside can still be in the air or on their clothes when they get home and if there is no clean filter to get the air clean and healthy for everyone to breathe, your family’s health can really start to suffer.  

                They ways you can help your hvac system last a long time, and keep your family happy and healthy is to change your filters on a month to month basis. I know that it’s all I’ve talked about this whole time, but folks you have to understand those filters play one of the biggest roles in how your hvac system works and how healthy your family is. Another option to help keep your system clean and family healthy is to invest in the MicroPower Guard filters, these filters are extremely amazing. They filter out a ton more dust mites, pollen, bacteria, etc. from your air a heck of a lot better than the fanciest filters you buy at Wal-Mart, Lowes or Home Depot. There is also the UV light, this things basically zaps out the bacteria in the air that the filters can’t filter through and really helps eliminate your family getting sick so often or staying sick for a long time.

                If you are interested in researching more on the MicroPower Guard filter or the UV light, just follow this link And if you are interested in getting any or both installed into your home, please feel free to give me a call and I’d be more than happy to get you set up today!

System Up Keep…

Ok so how many of you honestly check and do regular up keep on your system? Now when I say up keep, I mean check your filters, check the inside of your furnace for any dirt and check your air conditioner for any debris stuck to it? Well did you know that if you don’t check these things on a regular basis, you run the risk of having a lot of problems in the near future? I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve had customers call saying that they’ve “checked” everything and as soon as I got there I check the filter and it’s totally plugged and obviously hasn’t been changed in several months. Now I’m not saying that your problems with your heating or cooling is always gonna be the filter, but a dirty filter can greatly affect how well your furnace or air conditioner will work during the seasons.

Let’s first talk about the furnace. A dirty furnace can cause you a lot of problems. When a furnace becomes dirty it slows down the furnace’s performance and causes the coil above your furnace to become plugged up. If this is allowed to continue without getting properly cleaned out this can cause cracks in your heat exchanger to form. Now cracks can and will happen to your furnace just because it is old, has been used quite a lot over the years and well because nothing can last for forever. But if you keep a dirty furnace that is only going to quicken the process of it breaking down and costing you a lot of money to install a new one.

The same principle goes for your air conditioner, you need to be checking the air conditioner every month for any debris that can become stuck the in outer fins and cause it to become clogged. Here in Kansas there are a lot of us who have to worry about all the Cottonwood trees when they are in bloom during the Summer. That cotton can easily get caught in your system and if ignore, just like your furnace, it will eventually break down and will have to be replaced. Another tip you may not know to protect your air conditioner is to make sure that any pets DO NOT use the system as a place to mark their territory. I have and do own a couple of dogs myself and I’ve had to train them to not go over to my air conditioner and use it as their own private bathroom. The reason you shouldn’t let your pets do this is because your pet’s urine will act as an acid on the air conditioner and literally eat and deteriorate it. So for the sake of your wallet, don’t let your pets use your cooling system as a bathroom.

Now it comes to your filters, I said this I don’t know how many times or to how many customers, but I will say it a thousand more…ALWAYS check and change your filters REGULARLY. And when I say regularly I mean like every month you need to get that filter out and make sure that it is either still clean and could last you another month or change it immediately because it’s so dirty and fuzzy looking that it looks like a cat or some furry animal crawled into it and flattened itself out. A dirty filter can affect your heating and cooling system so badly if it is not changed out, it causes the air flow to be restricted, will cause your coil to become plugged up with all kinds of junk and make the system over compensate, which causes it to break down really fast.

So please check your system on a regular monthly basis and also remember to have the furnace and air conditioning professionally serviced once a year to ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and ready to last you though the season.

The Climate YOU Can Control

All of you native Kansans out there you know what I’m talking about, we’ve all experienced at least a few times in our life coming home to a room that is either colder or hotter than it is outside. We all made that confused and sad face when the temperature inside the house is not what we were expecting and we don’t understand why nobody fixed it before we got home. Well I can tell you that one of the factors of why it’s so cold or hot in your home is because of your thermostat. The thermostat is your very own magical little box that you can command to make your environment a Frozen Tundra or a sweltering Amazon.  

Now let’s talk this, the thermostat or t-stat as us technicians call it. Your thermostat is obviously what controls the climate in your home, for making it as cool or as warm as you want it to be. The controls are pretty basic and easy to understand without reading a manual…unless you got one of those fancy do-hickies that you can control from your computer for phone. Those, you will have to use a manual. Even us technicians sometimes have trouble installing those fancy ones. But for the most part all t-stats do the same thing, control your air. The thermostat controls how much and when to start the cycle of heating or cooling your home.

What you might not know is that your thermostat can be the problem of why your hvac system is not working. If your thermostat is not wired correctly to your furnace and air conditioner will not get the correct signals it needs to know when to come on and shut off. Obviously we all know that there are wires in the thermostat that send a signal to you system to heat or cool your home, but if your wiring is all messed up you could have the potential of making your air conditioner come on in the middle of a snow storm instead of the furnace. How you can determine if the wiring is bad is if the furnace comes on instead of the air conditioning like you wanted, if you have recently checked and changed your filters, had your furnace or air conditioner cleaned and made sure that your batteries are still working or just changed them out. If you have done all of these things and the thermostat still isn’t sending the right signals or not signals at all, that is when you need to call us!

Ok, now I need to talk about your batteries, a lot of people don’t really think about this first but the batteries in your t-stat could be a factor as to what is or isn’t turning on your system. We’ve had a lot of customers in our day call in a panic about their air conditioner or furnace not working or turning on, and when we get there it’s a simple change out of the batteries. Now don’t ever be embarrassed if it just a simple change out of the batteries and that was all that the technician did, it’s what we are trained to check and do. And trust me there are a TON of people out there that it has happened to. But ALWAYS check your batteries before you call a professional hvac tech, it will save you a diagnostic fee.

In some cases there is nothing wrong with the wiring or the batteries and it is just a bad thermostat, not everything will always come out working correctly. For some people they have just been given a lemon, and do you know what you need to do with that lemon? Get your receipt and take it back. I wouldn’t try to make lemonade with that, ever. If I’ve spent my hard-earned money on something, you better believe that if it doesn’t work the second I set it up, I immediately take it back. There have been plenty of customers we’ve had to deal with in the past that they swore nothing was wrong with their thermostat and that it was something that the previous company had done or that we had messed something up when we were out there last…Most cases it was just a bad thermostat.

I hope this has helped shed some light on system and helped you better understand what is involved in what can go wrong with your system. Now, this is not the only thing that can go wrong with your system. There is of course other things that can break down, get plugged up or crack. But this is one thing that you can control or potentially fix yourself. As always if you ever feel unsure and would rather have a professional show you what you can do to fix it or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call! That is what we are here for, to help you achieve comfort in your home.


             When you get home and open the door, do you ever think about what the temperature of the house is gonna be? If the temperature is not what you were expecting, there isn’t any air movement or the temperature in the house is worse than it is outside, do you feel sort of in a panic? I know that I have been there and well a lot of my customers have been there too. It’s worse when it happens in the middle of the night or before family and friends come over. Most people don’t pay attention to their heating and cooling system unless something goes wrong (i.e. no heat, no cool or both), but I am telling you that you really should and need to start paying attention.

               The reason you need to be taking a closer look at your heating and cooling system is because it all involves the air you breathe (I’ll expand in more detail what all is in the air you breathe, in a few weeks). Though for right now, you should already know that what you what you breathe in can greatly affect your health. Your heating and cooling system all has to do with air. It can make the air in your home hot or cold and it can be the reason your family stays healthy or continues to get sick. The hvac system is a big contributor as to what all goes and doesn’t go into the air of your home.

               Another reason that your heating and cooling system is important is that it keeps you and your family happy and comfortable. It’s been proven that the temperature in a building can greatly affect the mood of everyone inside. Who wants to spend the evening with icicles forming on their toes or sweltering in heat 30 degrees more than it is outside? When everyone is miserable it makes for an awful time, and no one wants to feel uncomfortable.

               If you just give your heating and cooling system a little of your time once a month to look over everything make sure the filter is changed out, there is no debris on your outside unit and there is no soot or dust in your furnace. It will make a world of difference on your system, help make the air in your home safe to breathe and keep your family happy and comfortable.

Dept of Energy Mandate

Have you heard about the new mandate on 80% furnaces? Well folks the Department of Energy (DOE) has now issued a new law that for this great country on what is the new minimum of efficiency we can install on furnaces. The DOE has sectioned off what minimums certain states have to have.

(See diagram below.)


As you can see Kansas is in the Northern Region for the efficiency to be no less than 90%. This new mandate is set to go into effect on May 1, 2013. This means that it will be illegal for us as a company to sell or install any 80% furnace after May 1st of 2013.

If you are interested in reading up on all the information on this follow the links below:

If you are interested in getting your furnace looked at or have an old worn out furnace that needs to be replaced and you don’t want to upgrade to a 90% or higher. Now is the time for you to get it done before it is too late.

Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to get you on the schedule today 316-869-0199!!